The Grand Tour

Jeremy Clarkson and the First 24 Hours in Los Angeles

The Grand Tour will is set to be filming in Los Angeles soon, continuing to build excitement and mostly impatience for fans of the classic Top Gear.  The invitations to the show, which were available on Amazon through a sort of contest system, have made their way to the more than likely exuberant fans.

With The Grand Tour and amazing cars, of course also comes the front man of the show, Jeremy Clarkson, who landed in California yesterday as announced on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.









Clarkson hasn’t been in Los Angeles long, but he’s taken to Twitter to express some of his recent frustrations. It looks like a few of the rules in the city of angels are already getting to him. Jeremy, an experienced world traveler, may be more accustomed to cities with what some would describe as having a few more liberties,  though I would bet, he is probably still feeling more comfortable than during his trip to America’s southern states. The large man from across the pond has had some interesting things to say:

While someone should definitely suggest Clarkson refrain from both public masturbation and murder if at all possible, California’s strict smoking and alcohol laws may leave Jezza without relief for the time being.

Then again, perhaps Jeremy is just having sympathy pains for all of his fans in limbo, craving for the premiere of The Grand Tour. In any case, hang in their Clarkson.

As far as everyone else goes, the premiere of The Grand Tour is coming November 18th, so you hang in there, too!

Nick Dunlap

Nick is a lifelong automotive enthusiast, as well as journalist, and content creator. Nick also successful competes in a variety of automotive fields including national level car shows, autocross, SCCA races, and more. He enjoys designing and building a variety of cars and helping others do the same with theirs.

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