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Truck Trailer Veers Violently In Road After Sideswipe

2020 has been like something out of a film so far and it seems to keep getting worse and worse – for one truck driver, things has gotten even worse after a car hit their trailer causing them to lose control of the semi and violently drift down the road careering into another vehicle, who happened to be filming the incident.

It is clear that the fault lies with the idiot who clearly ran a red light and flew into the side of the trucks trailer.

The force of the impact sends the trailer flying into the air and becomes uncontrollable.

It then flips at a 45 degree angle blocking the road as the trailer continues towards the vehicle which was catching the whole scene on its dash cam.

Thankfully no one was killed but one person required hospital attention and everyone affected has filed lawsuits against the driver who jumped the red-light.

Thankfully no one was hurt but this video serves as a timely reminder to always be extra careful of idiots on the road.

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