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Jeremy Clarkson Angered At Recent Firing Of Teacher: “Oh How Times Have Changed”

The news that a lecturer had been dismissed for throwing a piece of cardboard at one of his pupils has annoyed Jeremy Clarkson. While reflecting on how things have changed since he was in school, The Grand Tour presenter has retaliated to these weird reports.

Fans like you and I know exactly how bashful Jeremy can be, and from what we’ve heard and reported on in regards to Jeremy’s childhood, it sounds like very little has changed over the years.

But upon reading about a lecturer who had been fired for something so insignificant, he was incredibly surprised.

The Clarkson’s Farm presenter wrote about this in a recent column:

“A lecturer has been fired for ‘lightly’ throwing a piece of cardboard at one of his students.

“Oh how times have changed.”

He continued, dredging up memories of his own school experiences:

“When I was at school, the teachers used to throw all sorts of things at me.

“One even hurled a blackboard rubber at my head. And he wasn’t fired.”

Jeremy jokingly added:

“Mind you, he might be today, for calling it a ‘blackboard rubber.'”

Obviously, Clarkson is now a world-class TV presenter and journalist and the days of being expelled from schools are far behind him. These days, it seems as though nothing can stop the man, having recently won the NFU’s (National Farmer’s Union) Farming Champion of the Year for promoting home-grown produce through his Amazon Prime series, Clarkson’s Farm.

He is now attempting something completely different. Straying from his usual CV, he’s now looking at opening his own restaurant and employing older workers. In a new column for The Times, the TV star disclosed that he wants to start his own eatery and hire mature staff.

But on top of this, he’s struggling with his own health as his poor life choices are now starting to loom over his future:

“My knees give me no confidence when I’m coming down a flight of stairs,” he wrote for The Times.

“My back locks solid if I attempt to walk up a hill. My lungs feel as if they’re on fire if I even look at a bicycle, and when I go for a swim it feels as though I have a small car on my back.”

Now, the restaurant is at the forefront of his thoughts:

“I have all the ingredients I need for my new restaurant but no clue how they might be turned into stuff that people might want to put in their mouths.

“So is there anyone old out there who knows how to run such an establishment?”

He continued:

He added: “I want a kitchen full of pies and gravy and wipe-down chairs and Bad Company on the stereo and everyone exchanging bewildered looks when someone asks for the transgender lavatories.

“It’d be fun and that, as the clock ticks down to zero, is all we can hope for.”

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