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Jeremy Clarkson Assaulted During Football Escape In Portugal

The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson has admitted in a recent column that he was assaulted during a Manchester City football match in Portugal, the Champion’s League Final.

Calling it a “fathers and son” trip in the Sun’s column, he travelled to the match via a chartered private jet, admitting that “refreshment flowed” during the flight. When they arrived in the country, they dived into a “long lunch in the Portuguese sunshine”.

Thanks to this warm welcome, they were “quite cheerful when we arrived at the stadium”.

“So cheerful, in fact, that I got separated from my party and found myself surrounded by some good-natured City fans who decided to express their good-naturedness by punching me in the side of the head.

“It took ten minutes to convince a policeman that it was just ­joshing that had gone a bit wrong and that no one needed to go to the station.”

This was followed by more bad luck, with his group’s plane breaking down, forcing them to stay the night in a hotel and drink to the 10:30 pm curfew at the bar.

He added:

“We discovered, however, that they could do room service so we pointed out that technically the bar was a “room” and, as a result, they could bring the drinks there.”

Thanks to this extended stay, Clarkson and his group had to undergo a host of new tests to allow them to get a commercial flight home, but they eventually gave in and got another private jet home.

Clarkson commented on the troubles of going abroad and whether it was worth it later in the column:

“Is it worth it? Well Portugal is a lovely country and Porto is a beautiful city, but the fact of the matter is that it was 21 degrees over there. And it was 24 degrees when we got back to Britain, ­having landed in Birmingham at two in the morning.

“Nothing wrong with Birmingham of course. Except that all our cars were 70 miles away, at the airport in Oxford.

“All things considered then, I would not recommend foreign travel at the moment.

“Because even with private jets and credit cards, we had all sorts of problems.”

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