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Jeremy Clarkson’s Ex-Mistress Reveals She Had A “Breakdown” After Affair Ended

Jeremy Clarkson’s ex-mistress has admitted to The Mirror that she suffered from a breakdown after her affair between herself and The Grand Tour presenter ended.

Phillipa Sage was accused of having an affair with the ex-Top Gear presenter in 2011 while he was working on the BBC car show alongside presenters Richard Hammond and James May. He was married to Frances Cain who he had there children with, but later divorced in 2014. Despite this, it’s been reported that Clarkson stayed in a relationship with Sage until early 2017.

According to Sage, her breakup with Clarkson coincided with her father becoming unwell, leading to the “lowest point of her life”.

She told The Mirror the following:

“We were all burned out and the stress of it all caused my worst breakdown ever.

“Truly the lowest point in my life. But it was to prove the glorious turning point.”

She continued: “Jeremy was the love of my life and I thought it would be forever.”

Before she admitted the relationship, she told media outlets that the rumours of their affair was “nonsense”, and that “Jeremy and I are friends, I have worked with him, er them (the Top Gear team) for years.”

Jeremy Clarkson is now in a relationship with Lisa Hogan, the daughter of former model Arlene Underwood and her husband Maurice Hogan.

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