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Jeremy Clarkson Blames Nicola Sturgeon For Grand Tour Frustrations

It’s been no secret that The Grand Tour has been filming in Scotland for the last couple of weeks, with a total of nine days in the country behind the wheels of three American cars. And while it seemed to go down without a hitch, despite a rumoured after-party against coronavirus regulations, Jeremy Clarkson still had some sore words for Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party.

> Richard Hammond crashes yet again during Scottish filming

In a recent column, the ex-Top Gear presenter let out his feelings against Sturgeon saying that Scotland’s Prime Minister is “driven solely by a deep-seated hatred of the English” in a recent column.

As he recounts his travels through Scotland accompanied by Richard Hammond and James May, he tells us that “Covid control freaks are running our show”.

“My God, the rules of engagement [Amazon] supplied were dizzying,” he writes. “We were to take our own testing lab on the 1,000-mile journey and the key players were to be tested every day, after filling out an online form that began by asking if we’d been tested before. ‘Yes. Yesterday.’”

He explains that doing this kind of filming – travelling over multiple days – is more expensive than it has ever been because of the extra regulations the team needs to stick to in order to be safe. For example, instead of just renting a hotel room, the team had to rent the whole hotel. And instead of buying a plane ticket, they had to get their own plane.

“The cost of meeting all these requirements was enormous… I didn’t think there was a hope in hell we’d get started, let alone finished,” he explains. “And that’s before we get to the problem with Scotland.”

“Nicola Sturgeon seems to be driven solely by a deep-seated hatred of the English, so we were expecting her to close the border at any moment. Which would have meant throwing away all the money that had been spent.”

Covid has already meant The Grand Tour’s next episode has been pushed back hugely, with its release date still unknown (possibly even to Amazon), but the team’s recent filming in Scotland at least proves that The Grand Tour machine is still turning.

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