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Koenigsegg Has Designed A 3-Seat 700HP Hypercar And We Love It

Koenigsegg, the Swedish hypercar company, recently graduated a new design apprentice named Esa Mustonen. His master’s thesis, dubbed “RAW,” is a breathtaking three-seat hypercar which was overseen by  RAW Design House head Sasha Selipanov and Christian von Koenigsegg himself. The 700 hp concept would have a 1:1 power to weight ratio, with a weight of just 700kg.

The futuristic looks of the concept don’t necessarily match up with the designs of Koenigsegg’s past, but RAW Design House has officially become part of the Koenigsegg brand of late. The model is much smaller than Koenigsegg’s latest cars, the Regera and Gemera. This is thanks to its carbon fiber unibody chassis, the Gemera’s tiny 3-cylinder Freevalve engine, and of course the unique layout of the seats.

Of course, with renders like this, the most important aspect is the outlandish-yet-believable design. The RAW perfectly walks that tightrope between cyber-chic and boxy, thanks to its cyberpunk-anime evoquing figure. The rear end, shrunken down thanks to the aforementioned Freevalve engine, features an amazing diffuser, which moves like something off of Tony Stark’s latest suit. The doors and recognizable double-bubble roof slide and rotate back, opening like some space-aged automaton.

Of course, no groundbreaking design would be complete without instantly recognizable LED headlights, and the RAW’s go the extra step of accentuating its blocky front end. The same rings true on the back, where the LED taillights draw the gaze towards that awesome diffuser and twin exhaust.

I hope that Koenigsegg gets on to making something JUST like this sooner than later. For those of us who want to live in the Akira opening scene, but have never ridden a motorcycle, it can’t come soon enough. Great work, Esa Mustonen!

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