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Jeremy Clarkson Blasts Electric Vehicle Supporters – “Weak-Brained, Bleeding-Heart Liberal”

Electric vehicles have taken centre stage in a debate that’s causing quite a stir among motor enthusiasts, and The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson is right in the thick of it. He’s taken a stance that may cause eyebrows to rise in the environmentally-conscious camp: he contends that electric vehicles, whether cars or bikes, are “bl**dy dangerous,” pointing out instances of these machines catching fire.

His sharp commentary was featured in his column for The Sun, as he dissected the multiple incidents of fires related to electric cars and bikes. This critique comes at a time when the utility and safety of electric vehicles are increasingly being questioned by celebrities and critics alike, such as Giles Coren and Rowan Atkinson.


  • The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson has criticised electric vehicles, describing them as dangerous due to instances of them catching fire.
  • Clarkson, in his column for The Sun, not only expressed scepticism about electric cars but also targeted electric bikes, likening a fully charged e-bike to the explosive energy of six hand grenades.
  • His comments come amidst an increasing debate about the safety of electric vehicles, with celebrities like Giles Coren also questioning their utility and safety, and Coren even selling off his own electric vehicle.

In fact, Coren has distanced himself from his own electric vehicle, selling it off, though he admitted in a conversation with the BBC that he might reconsider owning an electric car in the future.

In his column, Clarkson took a dig at supporters of electric vehicles, suggesting that only a “weak-brained, bleeding-heart liberal” would argue that these cars “continue to make sense”.

Clarkson’s scepticism didn’t stop at cars; he also took aim at electric bikes. He went as far as to assert that a fully charged e-bike harbours “the same explosive energy as six hand grenades”, albeit without providing a reference for this startling comparison.

The former Top Gear host has never been one to shy away from being to the point with his views and is not afraid of who he might upset, a big example of this is his controversial Meghan Markle column which was released before Christmas in 2022 and has put his various different TV contracts up in the air.

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