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Jeremy Clarkson Celebrates A New Arrival On Clarkson’s Farm – A First For Diddly Squat

Fans loved having an insight into the world of farming as Jeremy Clarkson released Clarkson’s Farm to Amazon Prime Video. The show, which showcased a year in the life of Diddly Squat Farm, explored the real workings of the farming industry which included the birthing of lambs, the difficulty of selling produce, and the saddening eventual slaughtering of Jeremy’s animals.

Now, through a recent post to Instagram, Jeremy is celebrating a new arrival on the farm: his very first calf.

“An calf. Our first,” he writes in the caption.

Jeremy welcomed cows to his farm last year after the first series of the show revolved around the rearing of lambs and sheep. Since then, we’ve heard very little about how he’s gotten on with these animals, apart from a disturbing story recently on what happened when he tried to coax his cows into a shelter.

He received “smashed testicles” when a cow attacked him during a heavy storm.

“They are like Bruce Lee, only more deadly,” he wrote.

“Having failed to connect with her hoofs, she put her head between my legs and then raised it smartly.”

He continued: “I think this was the lowest point in my farming career to date.

“Being attacked by a cow while on my knees, in the mud, in a storm, with smashed testicles.”

Jeremy has given us other photos of his cows via his account on Instagram, one of which featured a cow called Pepper.

He also called out to fans to name another one of his cows shortly after taking delivery of them.

We will see more of what’s going on with these animals as series 2 of Clarkson’s Farm is released later this year.

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