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Jeremy Clarkson Donates Unique Grand Tour Car for Charity Raffle

The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson has put up one of his iconic cars which has featured on the show to help raise money for charity.

The former Top Gear host has decided to part ways with his unique Mitsuoka Le-Syde roadster in partnership with The Mix, a charity organisation.

Ellis O’Brien / Prime Video

Fans of The Grand Tour may recognise seeing the one-of-a-kind roadster in the episode “Eurocrash” which has been released to Prime Video today. The luxury car underwent a significant renovation, thanks to Clarkson’s co-star, James May, who thought it would be a fun prank to fit the car’s front exterior with twin chandeliers. Also, the interior is adorned with a unique Claymation print, adding a quirky charm to the car.

While reflecting on James’ prank, Clarkson noted:

“If you’re driving on roads and staying in hotels, as we did here, that means you get to the hotel in time for a drink.

“And then obviously, after a couple of drinks, ideas come to mind and so, James’ car ends up inside the restaurant, as a result of the drink.”

This unique car is now available for fans to win through a charity raffle. Priced at just £5, tickets can be purchased online or at Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm Shop, where the car is currently displayed for all to marvel at.

Clarkson humorously pointed out:

“This car has never raced or rallied, but it has been shot at by Hungarian Archers.”

Meanwhile, his girlfriend, Lisa Hogan, added:

“I really wanted this car, but Jeremy wouldn’t let me have it on the farm. Knowing The Mix will be supported is a very good alternative. Good luck all!”

To enter into the draw, visit

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