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Jeremy Clarkson Dropped by Prime Video: Is It True?

Jeremy Clarkson has reportedly been dropped by Prime Video after his comments on Meghan Markle in a column for The Sun.

According to Variety, The Grand Tour presenter won’t be producing any more content for the streaming giant, Prime Video, over what has been planned already. This means the content will run out in 2024 and there won’t be anymore following this. This holds true for everything under Prime Video, including The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm.

But is it true?

Amazon Prime Video is yet to comment. Grand Tour Nation’s contacts at The Grand Tour has confirmed this with a spokesperson of the presenter saying, “this hasn’t been confirmed and Amazon are not currently commenting.”

However, we were later contacted by team in charge of a press conference surrounding Clarkson’s Farm planned for today, saying it had been cancelled.

They said:

“We apologise for the short notice but are writing to advise that the Clarkson’s Farm S2 press conference will no longer be going ahead tomorrow.

“We will however be sharing previews, pictures, and a press pack very soon, ahead of the series launching on Prime Video on Friday 10th February.”

Jeremy is also yet to comment, with his social sites being completely quiet after his apology yesterday.

The fact that Amazon is yet to comment isn’t a good sign for the presenter. Obviously there are internal communications going on, leading to the apology from Jeremy, but there’s no confirmation as of yet from the company.

We were however told, via Small Screen, that Amazon “wasn’t happy” with him:

“Amazon has put a lot of trust, time and money into Clarkson and his projects. However, their patience with him following his recent column in The Sun might be coming to an end.

“It’s a waiting game. The next seasons [of Clarkson’s Farm and The Grand Tour] are still ‘officially’ moving ahead, but Clarkson’s never been in so much trouble with the company and they are not happy.

“These shows aren’t all just about Jeremy, but he does like to make things about himself, and that makes the next steps very hard indeed for Amazon.”

Since this, it’s also been rumoured that The Grand Tour will be put on hiatus for 2023, giving more evidence to firefight happening behind the scenes.

Things certainly aren’t looking good for Clarkson. And while we can’t confirm that he is definitely being dropped by Amazon, it certainly looks that way.

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