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Jeremy Clarkson Excites F1 Fans As He Is Spotted At Bahrain Grand Prix

Martin Brundle, the Sky Sports F1 pit lane reporter for the Bahrain Grand Prix, had a surprise interview ahead of the first race of the season with none other than the former Top Gear and current host of The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson.

During the interview, Brundle asked Clarkson about his thoughts on the upcoming race and also discussed his farming exploits, which have been documented in the popular Prime Video series, Clarkson’s Farm.

Following the broadcast, social media platforms were abuzz with reactions from fans who were thrilled by the unexpected appearance of Clarkson.

“Jeremy Clarkson on the grid… I wasn’t expecting to see him there but still, that’s pretty epic.”

“Jeremy Clarkson is in attendance of the [Bahrain Grand Prix] so we can officially start the season now… Because he’s the real [G.O.A.T].”

“Has Jeremy Clarkson had a few jars of beer? He loves his F1 but shouldn’t he be be at the farm? Looks like he’s enjoying the hospitality.”

“Jeremy Clarkson says he can’t believe how big the cars have got, I said the same thing about him.”

“Jeremy Clarkson said in paddock interview that he’s happy f1 back again saying that this brand new car is more closer unlike those 7 years of domination. What a savage Clarkson.”

“Shouldn’t you be planting turnips and milking your Chickens?’ Martin has struck down Jeremy Clarkson on the grid walk”

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