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F1 News: Mercedes Chief Expects To Announce Lewis Hamilton Contract Extension Imminently

The anticipation surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s next move in Formula 1 has reached a fever pitch, with rumours swirling that he might join Ferrari in a groundbreaking $48 million deal. Speculation intensified as Mercedes faced challenges on the track despite notable performance upgrades. Fans and pundits questioned whether the determined and talented driver would remain loyal to the Silver Arrows.

However, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has put an end to the speculation, dismissing the $48 million Ferrari rumour and revealing that the team is set to extend Hamilton’s contract within a matter of weeks. In an interview with Sky Deutschland, Wolff expressed his confidence in the ongoing partnership, highlighting Hamilton’s hunger for success, outstanding sportsmanship, and unwavering motivation.

Meanwhile, Christian Nimmervoll, the editor-in-chief of Motorsport Network Germany, believes that Hamilton’s long-standing collaboration with Mercedes could offer post-retirement benefits. He suggests that the British racing legend could become a Mercedes brand ambassador, enjoying the perks and recognition associated with the prestigious brand. Nimmervoll further emphasizes the incredible achievements Hamilton has already accomplished with Mercedes, comparing him to the legendary Sir Stirling Moss.

In an interview with, Nimmervoll underlines the advantages of Hamilton remaining loyal to Mercedes, enabling him to continue his association with the brand even after retiring from Formula 1. The potential for a lifelong partnership, where Hamilton can proudly represent Mercedes as a brand ambassador well into his later years, adds an extra incentive to stay. However, the decision ultimately lies with Hamilton, who has the freedom to explore other possibilities should he desire to do so.

As the contract extension negotiations unfold, the racing world eagerly awaits Hamilton’s next move. Will he forge ahead with Mercedes, solidifying his place in the team’s history and securing a post-retirement partnership? Or will he opt for a new challenge that could reshape the F1 landscape? Only time will tell where this legendary driver’s journey will take him.

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