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Jeremy Clarkson Forces Airline Delivery of Suitcase to Private Yacht

Over the weekend, we found an amazing story of current Grand Tour host, Jeremy Clarkson, doing something all of us wish we could do to airlines.


The story goes that Mr. Clarkson was on holiday and the first leg of his trip to Kefalonia, Greece was delayed by Norwegian airlines by more than 4 hours. The airline requested that passengers check in even with the 4 hour delay, but Mr. Clarkson decided to wait in the comfort of his own home and take the risk that his luggage would be delivered and waiting for him as he arrived.

While waiting for his flight, Jeremy quickly went to twitter to voice his displeasure:

As you can imagine, Norwegian Airlines didn’t have Clarkson’s luggage ready for him and he wasn’t about to wait, so he took off for his yacht. In this past weekend’s edition of The Sun, Jeremy writes about the ordeal:

“So I’d have to check in at breakfast time for a plane that wasn’t going to leave until after lunch. And then spend time mooching around the shops, not smoking.

“Being obtuse, I decided not to bother. Which meant that they didn’t bother to put my suitcase in the hold.

“This meant they had to deliver it to where I was staying. Which was on a yacht, an hour’s speedboat ride from the airport.

“Serves them right.”



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