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Jeremy Clarkson Gets In The Middle Of Space Battle Between His Boss Jeff Bezos And Elon Musk

Jeremy Clarkson supports his boss at Amazon, Jeff Bezos, by retweeting an article The Times wrote about the billionaire’s space endeavours. The article titled Jeff Bezos v Elon Musk: the rivalry fuelling the modern space race, seemed to catch Clarkson’s eye. After all, the billionaire does sign his paychecks for The Grand Tour.


Jeff Bezos and his company Blue Origin vows to open space to all. The company recently made headlines when they had a successful test of their rocked the New Shepard. This was the 13th test of this revolutionary rocket, which should certify it for human use. However, Elon Musk is quite literally light years away from his competitor Jeff Bezos.

While Bezos is testing rockets here on Earth, Musk already has a rocket hurtling toward Mars with one of his Tesla Roadsters strapped to it as we speak. So Musk is quite literally billions of miles ahead of the competition. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has had many achievements in his quest to learn more about space, much more than Bezos’s Blue Origin. While Bezos simply throws massive amounts of cash at his company until something happens, Musk has more of a hands-on approach. The self-taught rocket engineer is a pioneer in the industry and wants to one day visit Mars, and he probably will.

Jeremy Clarkson

These two billionaires do have quite a lot in common, and their space race is resulting in massive innovations toward understanding and exploring space. Elon Musk owns Tesla, the world’s leading electric car company, and Bezos (kinda) owns The Grand Tour. These two petrol-heads might just be responsible for propelling humanity towards Mars one day.

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