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Jeremy Clarkson Issued Formal Warning From Police Over Clarkson’s Farm Mishap

Jeremy Clarkson has certainly had his issues with following by the rules, and while he’s usually gotten away with it, minus his 2015 leaving from Top Gear, he’s slowly learnt that he needs to pull back a bit. But now, he’s been issued a formal warning by the Thames Valley Police, after he’s released plans for Clarkson’s Farm.

According to the Daily Mail, he issued this warning after putting together plans to expand the Diddly Squat Farm Shop which has already attracted thousands of fans from across the country. This has meant that the quiet village of Chaddlington has now been flooded with cars and pedestrians. While some argue that this is good for the village and its businesses, others have warned of the negative effects of this.


The Grand Tour presenter’s plans include converting the lambing shed to a 60-seat restaurant on top of renovating another barn.

A Thames Valley Police official released the following statement:

“If this application has been made in anticipation of a future change of use application, there is potential for disruption in terms of highway safety and for a demand on policing being generated by the site,” a Thames Valley Police official says in the missive to West Oxfordshire district council.

“I strongly encourage the applicant to consult with me in the event that this agricultural building is considered for commercial use.”

This comes very soon after Jeremy’s neighbours complained to him in a local meeting about the future of the farm. He revealed that most were fine with the plans, but some didn’t take kindly to the presenter, with one even swearing at the ex-Top Gear presenter.

“Someone gave me the finger on the way in,” Clarkson said.

We’ll keep you updated as the story unfurls.

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