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Jeremy Clarkson Joins Stand Against Local Council: “I’d Have Been There Like A Shot”

“I’d have been there like a shot,” Jeremy Clarkson told Oxfordshire farmers, adding that he wished he had known about their recent protests. This comes after reports that Oxfordshire County Council considered banning meat and dairy specifically at council events, forcing vegan meals on those who attend.

The decision was made by Liberal Democrat and Green Alliance members in December as part of an effort to achieve environmental targets.

Liz Leffman, leader of the council, told the BBC the following:

“This is about councilors taking a stand and saying we want to make our planet more sustainable, make agriculture more sustainable and we will source that produce locally wherever we can.”

The farmers in the area have rebutted, claiming that the council should be promoting local products instead. The Clarkson’s Farm presenter then later tweeted that he did not go to Oxford’s County Hall protest, but that he wished he could’ve been there.

He wrote the following for his Twitter followers:

“Farmers of Oxfordshire. I wish I’d know about your protest today. I’d have been there like a shot.”

He continued:

“Madness. Utter utter madness.”

He followed up the tweets with a final remark:

“Why are Liberal Democrats always Stalinist.”

The Grand Tour presenter received mixed responses from his fans, with one writing the following:

“Whenever possible they should really be serving only vegan food everywhere.”

Another noted:

“Jeremy, I wish more government bodies did this. I’m a petrol head just like you, but production of meat is far worse for the environment than the whole transport industry. Also, vegan food can be extremely delicious. Keep an open mind.”

A third added their side, arguing against the movement:

“Surely this is discriminatory? It’s imposing a lifestyle on people regardless of their personal choices! Utter madness.”

Jeremy is currently breeding cows on Diddly Squat Farm to showcase in Series 2 of Clarkson’s Farm. These will likely be used for meat like his sheep were.

During a press conference in June last year, he told press the following:

“There are lunatics in every society, I’m not particularly worried. No.

“I’m not going round on a machine gun, you understand, they go to an abattoir where they are killed humanely and then they end up on people’s plates and they have a lovely roast lamb for supper.”

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