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This Is Why You Should Choose A Driving Experience Day As Your Next Outing

For a person who is passionate about cars, there is no experience that can compare to the rush they receive when they get behind the wheel of a high-performance vehicle and test its limits. And then you have a 20-something birthday and realize you’ve been granted a driving experience day, you know at this point that you have to repay that big gesture of a present with your life because it’s life-changing, and you’ll want to spend every dime on future replays of this day because you’ll return.

As soon as you set foot inside the location of the driving experience, you are immediately transported to a state of euphoria and can feel the anticipation mounting within you. The sound of roaring motors and the stench of charred tires permeate the atmosphere and make it difficult to breathe. You can’t wait to get started, but in the meanwhile, you try to take in as much information as possible.

As soon as you become aware that this day would soon arrive, you began making plans to ensure that you would be able to recall the events of that day. These preparations include asking the person who gave you the gift or another person in your life whom you know you can rely on to use a camera while they are with you and record as much evidence as possible of you driving the cars.

It goes without saying that the drivers will be given instructions on how to be safe, and you will be trying your best to keep calm and be patient before the actual driving begins, but it won’t be easy because you will want to get started right away.

Thankfully, all of the safety gear is on, and the safety speech is merely a formality that you can’t get out of.

Your heart is beating really fast as you make your way to the racetrack. You have spent the better part of the last few months anticipating this day, and now it is finally here. You take a few deep breaths as you clamber into the driver’s seat, and to your amazement, you discover that you are in fact about to drive a ferrari! You hear the engine start to roar, and you feel the might of the automobile beneath you. Thoughts of enlightenment begin to cloud your mind, and you come to the realization that nothing else matters, and that you are whole.

You begin to navigate the twists and turns of the track with the assistance of a skilled instructor by your side, all the while being in wonder of the performance-built machine. When you accelerate through the straightaways and brake heavily into the turns, the G-forces exert a pulling force on your body. You receive an adrenaline rush unlike any other, and your ability to focus is put to the test at every moment, but you absolutely adore it.

You get the chance to drive a variety of different automobiles throughout the course of the day, and each one is faster and more exciting than the one before it. You end up feeling like a kid that is about to be spoiled in a sweet shop. When you push yourself to go faster and take the corners with more aggression, you can really feel yourself getting better with every lap that you complete.

At the end of the day, as you climb out of the last car and remove your helmet, you are left with an incredible sensation of fulfillment. Despite the fact that you are exhausted, you still want to drive these cars through the night and into your next lifetime. You’ve done it however; you’ve finally experienced the thrill of driving all of the high-performance cars you could possibly squeeze into the time permitted on the day to its limits, and it’s every bit as spectacular as you imagined it would be. 

For someone who is passionate about automobiles, a day like today is the kind of thing they will never forget. It is a chance to live out your wildest driving desires and experience the type of adrenaline rush that can only come from driving a powerful car on a track. This opportunity is not to be missed. Put on your seatbelt, plant your foot firmly on the gas pedal, and allow the vehicle to devour the asphalt while you take pleasure in the trip of your life.

James Smith

Im a huge car enthusiast, Ive been watching Top Gear with Clarkson, Hammond and May since 2007. I currently live in Minnesota with my Fiancee and Family. I enjoy riding my Kawasaki Z800 and hiking around state parks.

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