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Jeremy Clarkson Lashes Out At Just Stop Oil Protesters As He Asks Police To Step Aside

The Grand Tour host, Jeremy Clarkson, has spoken out about the current environmental protesters, Just Stop Oil, saying he would like to “empty oil” onto their heads for wasting police time.

In his recent Sunday Times column, Clarkson wrote about how the police are having to watch “a group of eco-herberts who have glued themselves to the road” and therefore taking their attention away from dealing with more serious crimes.

The former Top Gear host also commented on the fact that his daughter, Emily Clarkson, is having to avoid her local shopping centre as it is full of “gangs with bats and blades”. Clarkson wrote:

“The [gangs] know for a fact that the police are not coming.

“And they’re not coming because they are all busy watching a group of eco-herberts who’ve glued themselves to the road.”

Clarkson’s rant continued:

“These halfwits, with their concave chests and their dog collars and their teeth, weakened by years of vegetarianism, are not a problem.

“If only the police would get out of the way, the nation’s van drivers and scaffolders could deal with them in two seconds flat.

“I’d like to go full guillemot on their a***s and empty a can of sump oil on to their heads. That’d make them go home.”

Clarkson isn’t afraid to speak his mind on many things, especially protesters. He recently wrote about a protester who smeared human waste over a statue of Captain Sir Tom Moore. The lady who was protesting, was thought to be making a stand against the use of private jets, and in turn received a 21 week prison sentence for criminal damage to a war memorial. So, in true Clarkson fashion, he took his private jet out with a friend and again took to his column to rant about the incident.

He wrote:

“As I sat there listening to the engine turning carbon into noise and gas and speed, I couldn’t help wondering how on earth we’ve arrived at a point where a silly little girl can look at all the world, and all that’s wrong with it, and decide that private jets are the biggest evil.

“And that the best way of dealing with this is tipping a bucket of barely digested Fruit ‘n Fibre over the effigy of a national hero.

“She was saying she was proud of drowning Captain Sir Tom in vegetarian diarrhoea because she knew that such a move would make her very popular with lots of other silly little girls.”

Clarkson fans are set to see him on our screens again for the second season of Prime Video’s Clarkson’s Farm. Although the streaming service have not revealed a release date yet, they have confirmed that they have extended the contract to bring a third series of the hit farming show.

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