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Jeremy Clarkson On Scary Crash During Upcoming Grand Tour Episode: “I’m Having The Biggest Accident Of My Life”

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that during the filming of the upcoming Grand Tour episode, Lochdown, he thought he was going to have the biggest accident of his life, as he lost control of a caravan he was towing.

During the episode, the trio is shown towing caravans that they’ve modified to match their cars. Clarkson, who was towing the caravan at an averagely high speed, suddenly realised something had gone wrong, and feared the worst.

“There was a point, when it started to overtake me, that I thought, ‘God I’m having the biggest accident of my life’.

“Then I thought, ‘No, wait, I’m still in control’. And then, ‘The caravan’s come off’, and the whole tow bar had detached. That really happened.”

James May found the scenario hilarious as Jeremy Clarkson momentarily feared for his life as his caravan careered off the road.

James said the following as he fought back laughter:

“For half a second I thought the whole rig had gone off the edge. I thought, ‘We are finally shot of Jeremy, with his beloved caravan’.”

Clarkson added that his fellow presenter James was laughing so much, that he was sure his lungs were “going to come out”. But both James and Jeremy were able to laugh at Richard Hammond’s mishap as he capsised a boat he was driving.

Jeremy said the following to the press, including Grand Tour Nation:

“Richard Hammond falling in the sea – well going upside down again.

“Honestly my knees collapsed when it happened, I was laughing so much, that panicky laughter when you think if you don’t breathe and then you’re going to suffocate.

“Richard was saying after that ‘no one was trying to help me’, nobody could because we were too busy laughing.”

Richard was also asked what happened from his point of view:

“Essentially I was pulling a big platform with Jeremy on it on a little tiny fishing boat and I tied the rope to one side and long story short I gave it a little bit of a throttle and it started to rock.

“If it had been a stunt it would have been two days work and stunt coordinators and it never would have been as good. It sinks in about 10 seconds.”

Fans will be incredibly excited to watch the upcoming episode as The Grand Tour hosts drive around Scotland in what feels like an original Top Gear episode. More on this soon as we talk to Executive Producer Andy Wilman about what makes this episode so special.

The new Grand Tour episode Lochdown, will be released later this month, Friday 30th July on Amazon Prime Video. 

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