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Carlos Sainz Eyes Podium at Monza, Confident in Ferrari’s High-Speed Performance

In a recent statement, Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz expressed optimism about achieving a podium finish at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, highlighting the strong performance of his car in high-speed tracks. Despite not aiming for a win, Sainz’s confidence stems from the car’s performance and his recent results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sainz’s Confidence at Monza: Carlos Sainz believes Ferrari’s SF-23, which has shown strength in high-speed circuits like Spa, will perform well in the upcoming Italian GP at Monza. He anticipates a podium finish, optimistic about being the second or third-fastest car.
  • Recent Performance Analysis: Sainz’s optimism is fueled by the car’s previous success at Spa and contrasted by its struggles at slower tracks like Zandvoort, where he missed the podium. This characteristic difference makes Monza a hopeful venue for Ferrari.
  • Contrast to Red Bull’s Domination: While Sainz is hopeful for a top-three finish, he does not foresee a win, acknowledging the recent dominance of Red Bull and Max Verstappen. Local expectations are also tempered, with Italian media foreseeing a need for a ‘miracle’ to overcome Red Bull at Monza.

The Ferrari team, with drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, is preparing for one of their most anticipated races at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. The track, known for its high speeds, seems to suit the characteristics of Ferrari’s current contender, the SF-23. Sainz, who just missed out on a podium finish at the recent Zandvoort GP, is particularly upbeat about the upcoming race.

The optimism of Sainz is based on the car’s performance at similar high-speed tracks, notably Spa, where teammate Leclerc achieved a podium finish. However, the same car did not fare as well in Zandvoort, a track known for lower speeds and tighter corners, hinting at the SF-23’s specific strengths.

In a statement to GPBlog, Sainz said: “Monza, I think we should be back to a decent pace. I know it sounds positive or optimistic right now, but our performance since this year is so high that we could also be looking at being back to second or third fastest car in Monza in front of the Tifosi, especially after such a good result in Spa last time out. I’m more optimistic about that.”

However, the goal of a podium finish at Monza does not extend to a victory prediction. This realism is due in part to the impressive streak of wins by Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in his RB19 F1 car, dominating the last nine Grands Prix. This dominance is acknowledged by both fans and media, with Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Sport headlining the event as ‘Dreaming of a miracle’ in anticipation of Red Bull’s continued supremacy.

As the Italian GP draws near, the air in Monza is charged with anticipation and hope. Ferrari, backed by their enthusiastic fans, the Tifosi, is looking forward to proving their strength on home ground, while realistically appraising the competition. With Sainz’s optimism and the team’s focused preparation, the Italian Grand Prix promises to be a thrilling display of speed and strategy.

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