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Jeremy Clarkson Reacts To His Top Gear Botswana Special Car Being Found

We recently brought you news of Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear Botswana Special car being found years after it was left in the country after filming had been wrapped up. The car, a Lancia Beta Coupe, was taken to its limits as it was stripped down to allow The Grand Tour presenter to cross the Makgadikgadi. It was a gruelling treck that left the Lancia an inch away from death, but it made it alongside a Mercedes 230E chosen by James May and an Opel Kadett (Oliver), chosen by Richard Hammond.

Now, it’s been found by a YouTuber travelling across Africa. See more in the video below:

We got a lot of comments asking for Jeremy’s response to the car being found, and finally he’s answered someone’s request on Twitter to comment on the car.

“Thank you for alerting me to this. Great to see it again,” Clarkson responded.

Eventually, the Lancia was voted to be the worst car of the special, with the VW Beetle coming out on top thanks to it not missing a beat while it followed the presenters through thick and thin, and while the presenters’ cars were modified to allow them to get through the episode, the Beetle was untouched and still managed to make it through, unlike the other cars which at least had slight issues along the way. Despite this, Hammond fell in love with his car and took it home to restore.

The latest special followed a similar theme as the trio drove over the awful roads of Madagascar in order to find lost pirate treasure. Hammond didn’t make it in a tracked Ford Focus RS, but Clarkson had an easy time behind the wheel of a Bentley Continental GT which was highly modified to take on rough terrain. This time, Clarkson fell in love with his car and took it home to use on his farm.

It’s now in the hands of Bentley Motors themselves. We talked about this on a recent video.

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