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Jeremy Clarkson Reacts To Jimmy Carr Being “Cancelled” After Offensive Joke

Jeremy Clarkson has responded to Jimmy Carr’s joke from the comedian’s Netflix comedy show His Dark Materials. The joke, which involved the Holocaust and its effect on the traveler community, has since gotten the comedian ‘canceled’.

Despite this, The Grand Tour presenter has stepped in and given his angle on the situation, describing the backlash Carr has received as a “sick joke”.

In the description of the show by Netflix, it described the jokes as “career enders”, something the audience of the show cheers to when Jimmy Carr asks them if they “paid to see some edgy comedy, right?”

The joke that caused the complaints consisted of Jimmy saying it was a “positive” thing that the Nazis killed thousands of gypsies. Now, a petition asking Netflix to remove the joke has reached 15,000 signatures, but Jeremy urges his fans to not cancel the comedian, claiming that he is doing a job that he was “born to do”.

He said the following:

“It’s what he was born to do. He makes people laugh, and that, in my book, is the single kindest thing one human being can do to another.

“Of course, if you are a Gypsy you may not find the much-talked-about Netflix joke about Gypsies funny. But so what? It was a joke, not a call to arms.

“Frankie Boyle once made a joke about the brain injury that Richard Hammond suffered after one of his car accidents, and I know Richard didn’t find it funny at all.”

He continued:

“Neither did I. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have said it.

“Because ‘poor taste’ is a long way from ‘let’s invade Poland.'”

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