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Jeremy Clarkson Reacts To Richard Hammond’s Crashes In Recent Interview “I was furious”

Being a presenter for Top Gear, and more recently The Grand Tour, has proven to be a dangerous choice of employment for Richard Hammond, who has been involved in numerous altercations in vehicles during filming.

Within a smattering of bumps and bruises, two crashes stand proud of the rest: his 290mph crash in a jet-powered drag car, and his Swiss Hil Climb crash in a Rimac Concept One. The former resulted in Hammond being put in a coma for a long period of time, and the latter resulted in a shattered knee.

In a recent interview with JOE, Jeremy Clarkson was asked how he felt about Richard Hammond’s crash.

“Which one?” he asked humorously.

“Richard Hammond never had a brain injury, there wasn’t one to injure.

The first accident was a very very long time ago and was of course deeply shocking. The second one, well, not the second, but about the fourteenth one, the second really big one, was actually more alarming because I looked down the hillside…

“I’d been told someone driving my car had crashed, so I was furious because I thought ‘who was driving my car anyway and why have they crashed it?’

“And then I looked and thought ‘that’s not my car, that’s Hammond’s’, and it was on fire and I thought oo that’s not nice.

Clarkson didn’t seem to sympathise too much for the ex-Top Gear presenter as he continued:

“Anyway, it quickly transpired that it was only a broken leg so, not the end of the world really. Well it was for the poor people whos car it was, but Hammond was okay.”

Clarkson wraps up by saying that Hammond is no stranger to crashing:

“I mean, Hammond crashes all the time so we’re getting used to it by now.”

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