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Angry Dude Yells At Car For Seemingly No Reason – And Gets Hit By Karma

Cute cats are out – here comes karma: There seems to be quite the fuss about videos of people getting hit by instant-karma right now. However, the reason for that is quite obvious: These videos are mostly just hilariously funny or satisfying, especially the ones involving a traffic incident.

A short while ago, we already jumped on the train with this new trend by presenting a video of a woman trying to push a biker out of lane.

Anyway, we got another great karma-video we want to share with you. On reddit, a user called chiefstreet postet a short youtube-clip showing himself in a car that comes to a halt at a red light.

A pedestrian crosses the street, yelling at the driver for seemingly no reason. But as he reaches the other side – his head still turned in direction of the car – he bumps right into the traffic light pole. But the feud is not over. The pedestrian, furious about his little accident, continues to bark at the driver before finally walking off together with his dog:

People on reddit are now discussing the reason why the angry dude with the red hat yells at the car driver anyway. Most users are guessing that the car didn’t slow down gently enough while driving up to the crossing – at least not for “Mr. Pole Lover”, as someone put it. Maybe he was just having a bad day or needs to work on his anger issues. But whatever the reason, the result and the fact that he kept yelling at the driver as it was his fault that he ran into the pole prove this video a really entertaining one.

What do you think? Did you have similar run-ins in traffic? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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