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Jeremy Clarkson Regrets Everything In Latest Hawkstone Promotional Campaign As One Fan Complains

Jeremy Clarkson was left hiding in the toilets after his promotional campaign for Hawkstone became too much to handle last Thursday. The campaign saw him travelling across London on a tour to visit every pub that stocks Hawkstone Lager, but before he set off in his Bentley, he promised fans that he’d buy them a beer if they met him along the way.

Starting at the Sir John Balcombe in Marylebone, the presenter began his tour of the city and quickly realised how difficult it would be. It turns out that posting such a thing to his Instagram account of over 5 million people causes quite a stir as his fans flocked to the pubs for the day. It also turned out that doing this on a weekday attracted plenty of students ready to sink a pint.

“Right, it’s the big day. It’s the big Hawkstone pub crawl. We’ve got the van all filled up with the free beer we’ll be giving away and the first port of call, the first pub I’m going to is the Sir John Balcombe in Marylebone so see you there.”

We’re unsure as to whether he actually visited all the pubs he promised to visit, but he continued on his way getting slowly more and more drunk as he drank a pint at every pub he visited. In fact, the tour was so popular, the pubs were running out of his famous Hawkstone Lager, but fortunately the van following them round had plenty to spare. Later in the day he also started sharing out his Hawkstone Vodka.

The day soon starting getting expensive for the Clarkson’s Farm presenter, however.

“Why are you in the lavatory?” he was asked.

“Hiding,” he responded. “Because it’s really expensive. Everybody wants free beer. I haven’t thought it through. There’s just crowds of people of people going ‘oh it looks delicious’ and I can’t keep up.”

According to comments from the day, Jeremy wasn’t able to complete his tour across the pubs of London, with him having to stop after ten pubs. One fan was keen to complain that he’d waited several hours for Jeremy not to turn up.


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“I waited for 7 hours at the Walmer Castle until they closed. Jeremy never showed up,” one fan complained on the brand’s Instagram account.

“Sorry we never made it to the Walmer – after ten pubs and ten pints Jeremy was done – we were in the Walmer for the England v Iran game and will be there again …lovely pub,” a Hawkstone representative replied.

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