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Jeremy Clarkson Responds to Critics of Episode 2 of The Grand Tour

It’s no secret that episode 2 of The Grand Tour, Operation Desert Stumble, has left critics and fans on both sides of the fence with mixed reviews. 

Those reviews have not fell on deaf ears, especially the giant ears of Jeremy Clarkson. With the boys’ new social network project about to launch this coming Monday, Clarkson took to the platform to provide a respond.

Hello everyoneShow two of the Grand Tour is very car light. And that happens again in the Barbados film later in the series.We do this on purpose to entertain the countless people who invariably say, when I sit next to them at a party, “I like your show but why do you put cars on it? – Jeremy Clarkson,

Has Episode 2 changed your expectations of the show?



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  1. I can see both sides of the argument here. Great funny show that appeals to a wider audience than just a car show. Had me in stitches. However what is and will forever be a car show was a bit lacking. I think they could have done the rescue of the Queen scenario much differently. It should have been a challenge where the 3 picked 3 different cars to review. They had to rescue a P.O.W. that had been captured by the south African government and driven to safety at the UK Embassy where the Queen was waiting to give the winner with the fastest car/quickest time a knighthood. Let’s be fair it will be the closest Clarkson will ever get to a knighthood.

  2. episode 2 was real first episode so if episode 1 was better then there improving ,needs time to sette as its a new series plus hands tied because of BBC

  3. Annoyed with the choice for the driver as well. Obviously it was Clarksons choice to pick an idiot that fits his idea of an awful caricature of an American. He’s made it clear throughout the previous show that he doesn’t like us, and he’s using someone to propagate this. I cringe every time the driver opens his mouth. And he’s supposed to represent us? Great.

  4. Instead of “The American” how about Ben Collins, some say he used to be the Stag.
    Second episode left me very disappointed. Much to much scripted nonsense.

    1. I agree. It’s like these shows were made by committee and focus groups. WAY too much over scripting. These guys are clearly not actors and much of what they say and do just isn’t funny or entertaining.

  5. I loved these guys in top gear and I love em in the grand tour too…These guys are great at what they do and I hope they get to keep doing what they do.

  6. The three friends together are still magic, my issue is with “the American.” American top gear was rubbish, and the American is bring the rubbish to G.T. I get you can’t bring The Stig. What about the ghost of stiggies past, or the helmed mime. Otherwise, I love the show

  7. Second eps suck not only because of the lack of cars, but because the humor felt too scripted and to fake, even by Top Gear standards this was too cheesy…

  8. TGT is not just a car show. It’s a travel show. And an entertainment show. If the US State Department can declare Top Gear as an entertainment show, I think The Grand Tour has more stakes for being a more well-rounded program for everybody. Having said that, Episode 2 nailed it. My eyes watered for having laughed so hard.

  9. I thought the episode was great. The beauty to the trio is that they bring comedy to what would otherwise be a film version of car & driver magazine. I also appreciate how they walk the line of being politically correct on some things. Also enjoy seeing what local “shade tree mechanics” have to offer in the regions they travel to.

  10. I thought the problem was they kept blowing up before they could get to the cars. I love cars, loved the episode, so happy they are back.

    1. I agree. If people like juvenile/childish types of entertainment then good luck to them. A “car show” should focus on cars more as Fifth Gear do (a far superior programme with nicer people )
      Top Gear & TGT are tired formats and pander to those who accept crap.
      So disappointed in the lost opportunity to create a decent programme. I won’t be bothering to watch the 3 fools any more.

  11. Hey, I’m willing to sit through the rubbish. It makes my wife entertained, and makes it so she lets me watch it without her going to Amazon to buy crap we don’t need!

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