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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals France’s Reaction To His Multiple Driving Offences

The Grand Tour is returning for a December release as presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May return to explore the world of french cars. It premieres on December 17 on Amazon Prime Video, and has a confirmed name of Carnage A Trois.

During the promotions for the upcoming episode where the presenters have answered questions from the press, Jeremy admitted that to Breaking News that he’s been able to get out of driving recklessly in France because “they don’t care” after getting stopped multiple times.

“The French shrug is something I admire very much when they can’t be bothered to help you,” he told the outlet.

“I’ve been stopped a couple of times by the French police, and you plead and beg, and they just shrug at you. They don’t care. So I very much enjoy France – always have. It’s one of my favourite places.”

Jeremy admits that he’s spent more time travelling in France than any other country, and attributes this to its food and wine, as well as its “fantastic places”. He’d go as far as to say that it’s one of his favourite places to travel.

“I’ve holidayed there more than anywhere. And all of it, from the south and south-west, the Dordogne I went to most recently, Brittany, it’s all paradise.

“Paris is a bit weird, but there’s so many absolutely fantastic places all over the country. I love French wine, French food, and the French way of life. I actually like their belligerence,” he said.

“I admire the way that they don’t accept government edicts, and they burn the speed cameras. There’s much to admire.”

Jeremy has recently come under fire for his plans to grow Diddly Squat Farm. With him applying for planning permission to refit an unused lambing shed into a restaurant to sit 60 people, his neighbours of the Chadlington area have launched a legal battle with him to stop.

Mr Dewar, the man behind the fight, said: “[Currently] there is very little to come and look at. But if there is a restaurant and a bar with an alcohol licence until 11pm at night, there is going to be many more cars coming into the village.

“It’s a very beautiful area with beautiful views and this is completely out of character with the surrounding countryside.”

He continued: “Clarkson got permission to build there for agricultural use and now he wants to change it into a cafe and restaurant without giving it a fair chance to be used for agriculture.”

The Grand Tour will return with Carnage A Trois when it’s released on Amazon Prime on December 17.

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