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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals His 5 Most Hated Cars Of 2020

It takes a lot to make Jeremy Clarkson smile. Only recently has The Grand Tour presenter admitted that Richard Hammond is actually quite funny (while he’s not in front of the camera, of course). But what cars from this awful year haven’t made him smile? We know what Clarkson loved from 2020, but what cars did he actively hate?

The Sunday Times has published a list of Clarkson’s least favourite cars, so here they are:

5. Skoda Kamiq

Being part of the VW group, Skoda uses the same underpinnings for their cars as the rest of VW and Audi and Seat and… This car is no different, which is why he spent the majority of his column on the car talking about smart motorways. A mere four paragraphs were used to explain how this was just another VW group copy, so go and read his other columns on those if you want some detail.

4. Hyundai i10

The i10 is good at one thing and one thing only. Being a small car for your nan. This is why, just like the Skoda, Clarkson actually talked about the car very little in his column about it. According to the Sunday Times, only 120 words of 1,153 were used to talk about the car. They’re lifeless, but they serve a purpose. But that purpose has nothing to do with Clarkson.

3. Kia XCeed

While a Kia may have been used for the Top Gear Test Track in the past, this XCeed should be kept as far away from the track as possible. Clarkson admitted that he was forced to drive spiritedly in the thing to get to a pre-pandemic lunch, and while it only produces 138bhp (even lower power outputs are available), he felt torque steer and axle tramp.

2. BMW M8 Competition Coupe

This is a rather surprising car to be on this list, but Clarkson described it very simply: “A rather clever answer to a question no one was asking”. It was too heavy and too powerful, and this, according to Clarkson, made it vague and imprecise, like “controlling a ballerina who’s turned up to work in her wellies”.

1. Aston Martin DBX

From one surprise to a pretty obvious one in our eyes. Clarkson loves Aston Martins. They may not be the best cars out there, but they ooze cool and offer a driving experience unmatched by many. But now Aston has partnered with Mercedes AMG, but thankfully, the AMG-made engine wasn’t victim to Clarkson’s complaints. Neither was he bothered about the slightly dated Mercedes switchgear. Rather, he didn’t like the way the car drove, and he certainly didn’t like the way you changed gears using buttons or the interior quality of the car.

This last choice is a shame, because the DBX SUV is supposed to be the car that raises Aston’s revenue so they can focus on more of the exciting stuff… Did Clarkson just ruin that?

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