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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals His Anger Towards Prime Minister Boris Johnson: “They’re Going To Need A Bunker”

In light of Boris Johnson’s reported attendance to a “handful” of events while coronavirus restrictions were in place, Jeremy Clarkson has responded. The Clarkson’s Farm presenter stated that the Prime Minister would need a bunker to avoid the mounting criticism that has been heaped on the Conservative Party in recent days.

On Friday, Downing Street was pushed to issue an unprecedented public apology to the Queen for parties organized in No. 10 the day before Prince Philip’s burial. According to reports, a total of 13 parties were hosted on government premises while coronavirus restrictions were in place — the most of them occurring at Downing Street.

In his most recent column, Jeremy Clarkson has addressed the drama surrounding Mr Johnson. The Grand Tour presenter implied that he may have had a small gathering around the festive season. However, Jeremy said it was “plain mad” for the government to be holding parties at the time they did, nine months into the pandemic.

He wrote the following for his column: “When people first heard that there’d been a party in Downing Street last Christmas, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. But not from me.

“I was quiet on the matter because back then, I may have occasionally met a few people in my neck of the woods for a quiet beer.

“This was probably a technical Tier Two no-no, but everyone who dropped by had just had Covid, and we all knew enough about the virus by that stage to know antibodies were swimming around in our veins like Pac-Man.

“This meant we couldn’t be infected, and we couldn’t infect anyone else, so in the big scheme of things we weren’t really doing anything wrong.”

He continued:

“People said millions could die and that you could catch it from someone in Bristol, even if you were on a hill in the Lake District. We were all scared stiff,” Jeremy commented.

“Every night on the news, we saw people in the hospital breathing their last, and there were interviews with doctors who said they simply didn’t know how to treat them.”

The ex-Top Gear presenter revealed that he spent his birthday with no one but those in his household, and that what the government did was full of “arrogance” and that he was surprised that they hadn’t been caught earlier. On top of this, he questioned what the police at Downing Street were doing.

He finished his column with the following: “So did Boris have to hide under a bed in the spring? Did Carrie [Johnson]? It seems not, but now they’re going to need more than a bed to hide under.

“They’re going to need a bunker.”

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