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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals Troubling Clarkson’s Farm Update As Fans Gather To Support Him

Responding to a social media user’s cheeky request of a favour from the Clarkson’s Farm presenter, Jeremy Clarkson told fans about the poor state the his Diddly Squat Farm is currently in. This comes only days after his plans to expand the farm were rejected by the local council, prompting Jeremy to state that this is a “very bad day for farming”.

Over 50 objections were filed with the council by locals opposed to Jeremy Clarkson’s plan to expand his farm. In a direct post published on Twitter yesterday, the Grand Tour presenter spoke out properly about how he felt about the decision.

The Twitter user, Suzie Pennington, wrote the following to Jeremy:

“Hi Jeremy. Do you take on work experience on the farm? My son… grandson needs his a** kicking into shape lol.”

Jeremy noted his distaste of the local council in his friendly reply.

He posted the following: “Oh my God. Blast from the past.

“No vacancies at the moment though, I’m sad to say, because of the damn council.”

Another fan responded to his tweet, giving the presenter their sympathies:

“I am sorry that, they’ve rejected the restaurant. I thought it was a wonderful idea. The tourism you’ve bought to the community is unbelievable! I bet the council enjoy the economical gain from it all though, which has spread throughout the Cotswolds! You did that, not them!”

Jeremy’s plans involved a 70-space car park and a 60-seat cafe. The council received a total of 53 objections compared to only 12 letters of support.

The West Oxon District Council refused permission on the grounds that the proposed restaurant would be “out of keeping” as the local Cotswolds area is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Joan Desmond, council planning officer, told press the following: “By reason of its siting, design, scale and location, the proposed development would not be sustainable and would not be compatible or consistent in scale with the existing farming business or its open countryside location.”

She noted: “The proposed development would have a visually intrusive and harmful impact on the rural character, scenic beauty and tranquillity of the area.”

Councillor Merilyn Davies also added: “We have to support farmers and diversification, we live in a rural area.”

Councillor Dean Temple, a representative of Chadlington, told the press the it was a “very difficult case”.

“With a heavy heart, I propose we reject this proposal.”

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  1. Another council ” not on our doorstep”
    It can easily be made unobtrusive and a positive to the community and area.

  2. I swear I’d move to a free country/ town if I was him. I despise the idea that others can decide what I do with my property. I understand basic safety things but they have given up control of things such as the color of their roof. I think people who live in HOAs in America are insane. Im not sure what that makes my opinion of those living in his town. My solution if you’re worried about what the neighbors do will affect your property value is to buy enough land that the neighbors are far enough away it won’t matter. It seems Jezza did this and still got screwed.

  3. Jeremy is à legend and People are simply jealous because this guy can achieve evrything he do.he is funny and he work is ass hard to gran touring and is fan

  4. With heavy hearts she said. So she were bawling her eyes out and whipping her nose with tissue I gather. So much BS is being thrown around the council can’t see the big picture. The irony of it all

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