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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals Huge Financial Hit As Insurance Companies Rip Him Off

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed that his insurance premium on his London flat has risen from “£6,000 a year to a staggering £80,000” after the Grenfell Tower fire.

Writing in a recent column for The Times, the Clarkson’s Farm presenter tells readers about the day he saw Grenfell tower set on fire: “I sauntered in a bleary sort of way onto my balcony and there it was, a few hundred yards away, a real-life towering inferno. And then I heard that people were still in it. And then I felt sick.”

He continues, now revealing that he feels sick for different reasons thanks to insurance companies hiking his premium, despite the tower block his flat resides in having safe cladding, unlike Grenfell. He says his flat is so safe, he would “stand more chance of burning to death while scuba diving”.

“However, because it is has cladding, and because cladding is now such a dirty word, the insurance premium has leapt from £6,000 a year to a staggering £80,000.”

Jeremy and his neighbours have therefore put together a plan. He insists that the government start a state-run alternative to help people in his position, and if they deem it to be too much of a risk, they should argue that if there is a risk, then the government should pay for the removal of the cladding. Either way, Jeremy and those in his situation win.

“It would be a nice little earner for the government, and it would last until the insurance companies woke up one morning and started a price war that would cause everything to go back to normal,” Jeremy writes.

Jeremy continues to explain that with this out the way, he’ll be able to recover from the flooding his towerblock suffered from last year. Because of course, his insurance doesn’t cover flood damage.

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