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F1 Rumours: Porsche And Audi Could Be Joining F1

There’s no shortage of news hinting at Porsche joining the like of Mercedes and Ferrari in the F1. Even Audi is being pulled into the media storm as rumours are hurled from one end of the internet to the other. But it’s true that Porsche and Audi are both very interested in giving their input on regulations behind Formula 1, as well as getting their foot in the door around team chiefs.

Now, according to a recent report from Germany, we could see Audi and Porsche being officially involved in the sport within the next two weeks.

According to this report, Porsche could be joining the ranks of Red Bull if the guys in charge at Volkswagen allow it.According to, both companies are itching at the thought of working together.

This is how the report reads, translated from German to English:

Apparently these talks are now entering the home straight. According to information from ‘’, the only thing missing is the approval of the supervisory bodies within the Volkswagen Group to finally seal Porsche’s return to Formula 1. This could take place in March, as long as there are no surprising stumbling blocks lurking in the last few meters.

But why would Red Bull be interested in Porsche? Its Honda powertrains are extremely potent, and with a lot of Honda team members moving to Red Bull after the Japanese manufacturer exited the sport in 2020, it seems crazy to move on already. But, the relationship between Red Bull and Honda is rather shaky with Honda now trying to flog its engines to Red Bull until 2025.

So far, the car will be powered by the successful Honda engines, as denoted by the HRC logos on the car’s flanks, until 2025. But 2026 is when things will change for Red Bull.

“We have now also found a completely different solution to the one originally envisaged,” Marko told Autorevue magazine according to

“The engines will be manufactured in Japan until 2025, we will not touch them at all. That means that the rights and all these things will remain with the Japanese, which is important for 2026 because it makes us newcomers.”

2026 is when Porsche and Audi will likely pick up the pace and offer their own powertrain for the cars. This, with Porsche and Audi’s experience in the LMP1 and Formula E arenas, could be incredible.

The report continues, discussing the likelihood of Porsche and Red Bull sharing the powertrain development between their factories:

Theoretically, a model with two locations would be conceivable. In Milton Keynes, Red Bull is building the perfect conditions with Red Bull Powertrains to be able to develop the chassis and engine under one roof. At the same time, the existing Porsche Motorsport location in Weissach could also do some groundwork in the area of ​​powertrains.

On top of this, there are reports that Audi is talking with McLaren and Williams about potential partnerships, and while this sounds a little more rumour than fact, it could be a very exciting shift for these teams.

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