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Jeremy Clarkson Ridiculed By Police After Insensitive Tweet

Yep, traffic is annoying. London traffic seems to be worse than normal traffic because you know for a fact there’s usually some halfwit in a Prius making a shoddy job of following the road. But on some occasions, there’s something a lot more serious behind a traffic jam.

On Friday, a road was closed in London’s Hammersmith due to a fatal collision between several cars. This meant that of course the road was closed, but due to the nature of the collision, it was closed for longer than usual so the police could collect any necessary evidence. Clarkson wasn’t so happy about this, so tweeted about it to his followers.

Thousands of replies were fired at the tweet, with several police and traffic officers offering for Clarkson to join them on the job so he could understand not only the severity of these cases, but also the work behind it.

Although these tweets were met with replies of doubt that the presenter would take them up on the offer.

A helpful officer replied with a blog post he’d written to help us understand what goes on behind the scenes:

Would you like to see Clarkson take them up on the offer of giving them a hand and getting some first-hand experience of a collision? We wouldn’t mind, because even us fans were surprised at how insensitive his initial tweet was.

Three have since been arrested following the incident after a 70-year old man was killed at the scene.

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  1. Seems like Clarkson asked a very reasonable question in a very reasonable fashion, and got a very reasonable response.

    (Read this as if Clarkson is saying reeeeeeeeaaaasonably priced car)

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