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Jeremy Clarkson Speaks Out On Queen Elizabeth’s Passing: “A Magnificent Monarch”

Today has been a painful day for those in Britain as we mourn the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Regardless of whether you support the monarchy or not, the passing of a Queen always stings slightly. The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson, despite his towering stature, isn’t above this pain as he tweets out his feelings of loss, agreeing with Boris Johnson’s statement posted on Twitter.

“I was trying to think of something to say but Boris Johnson has said it all,” he writes. “Whatever you think of him, the man can write. Some beautiful words about a magnificent monarch.”

Borris posting the following, surprising those who don’t support him, and warming the hearts of those who do:

Jeremy also posted Boris’ writing on his own Twitter.

“Well said Jeremy,” one user responded as another questioned whether Boris did indeed actually write it.

“The words read out as his were amazing . . doubt they were actually his though,” the Twitter user replied.

“I bet you anything you like they were,” Jeremy answered quickly.

Jeremy hasn’t had the best relationship with ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson thanks to the farming disasters he’s encountered that haven’t been helped by government regulations and the likes of Brexit.

Only three months ago, Jeremy called out to the then-Prime Minister for help for farmers.


“Hi, I’m Jeremy Clarkson and in the next parliament, I’d like to see the government prioritising farming,” he said in a video.

“We’ve been asked to diversify and when we try to do that, the local authorities tell us we can’t, that needs addressing.”

Boris responded to this video – see below – but Jeremy wasn’t happy still, with him still calling to the government to support British farming in later tweets.

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