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Jeremy Clarkson Suffers Clarkson’s Farm Setback Again As Diddly Squat Shop Comes Under Fire

While The Grand Tour presenter continues to film in Poland, Jeremy Clarkson has been given yet another planning contravention notice as he continues to attempt to expand Diddly Squat Farm and its shop.

After Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson personally answered a video from the ex-Top Gear presenter, Clarkson wrote a column about the response he received, arguing that he’s still fighting with his local council over planning permission.

He wrote:

“I’m trying to farm. I’m trying to grow food. And you simply would not believe how many times every single day I come across another rule that says that I can’t.”

He then revealed that he had received a planning contravention notice on his Diddly Squat Farm Shop after installing a toilet.

“The planning officer wants to know, for instance, why I’ve installed a septic tank and what it’s for. And if I answer ‘recklessly’, saying it is for the storage of turds, I could be fined £5,000.

“But this is the best bit: she says that, because we are providing seating and lavatories, the public is being ‘actively encouraged to visit and remain on site’.

“This is what farmers are up against. Planners who grant you permission to open a shop and then say you must not encourage people to visit it.”

For almost two years now, Jeremy has been battling with locals over the expansion of his business, with his neighbours arguing that the farm is “complete chaos” as he attempts to diversify his revenue streams.

Clarkson continued in his rant about Boris Johnson and farming regulations, noting that there should be a “don’t be an arse” rule, which would allow him to continue growing his crops in peace.

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