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Jeremy Clarkson: Police Are “Keeping A Close Eye” On Grand Tour Host After Meghan Markle Comments

Jeremy Clarkson has received a huge amount of criticism following his latest column with The Sun, which has now been taken down. Many branded Clarkson “misygynistic” and called him out for “inciting violence on a woman” for his comments. The police have now commented on the situation from their point of view.

Clarkson wrote that he hated Meghan Markle “on a cellular level” and that he was:

“dreaming of the day when she is made to parade naked through the streets of every town in Britain while crowds chant, ‘Shame!’ and throw lumps of excrement at her”

Sir Mark Rowley of the Metropolitan Police has now commented on the situation saying that they are “keeping a close eye” on it. The video footage, which has been shared to Twitter, showed Rowley being asked if The Grand Tour host has committed a hate crime and if he should go to jail. Rowley responded:

“I think there is a line to be drawn. It’s not for the police to get involved if it’s anything about is it ethical? is it moral? is it proper? is it offensive?

“The legal lines are only crossed, generally, when things are said that are intended or likely to stir up or incite violence. I don’t think this is one of those cases, but of course we will keep a close eye on it.”

Clarkson wrote to Twitter after receiving the backlash but this in itself has received some criticism as he still doesn’t apologise. He wrote:

“Oh dear. I’ve rather put my foot in it. In a column I wrote about Meghan, I made a clumsy reference to a scene in Game of Thrones and this has gone down badly with a great many people. I’m horrified to have caused so much hurt and I shall be more careful in future,”

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