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Jeremy Clarkson Weighs In On Political Drama: “All I Can Think Is… Oh My God”

The UK once again lost another Prime Minister last Thursday as Liz Truss left the job after just 54 days. Now, The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson has given his take on the situation, calling Truss a “nightmare” but adding that he’s confused by the whole thing, like many of us.

Before his column for The Sun was released over the weekend, the Clarkson’s Farm presenter tweeted bluntly: “This is all just ridiculous.”

But now in his column, he’s delved into his annoyance with the current government, but began by questioning why the public complained about the tax cuts put in place by Truss and her now-fired sack chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.

He expected the public to be celebrating. “But they didn’t. Instead, everyone went nuts,” he wrote. “We’d been told we would pay less tax every week and we were furious.”

Adding that he thinks the public relies too much on the government, he wrote:

“Turn on the BBC news and every night there’s someone weeping and wailing about how they need government money to mend their poorly baby, or fix the cladding on their flat, or pay their gas bill or feed their dog.”

He does however admit that when help is necessary, the “government should step in with a blank cheque”.

“Truss was a nightmare,” he argued. “And there’s no sign that this sorry state of affairs will change any time soon,” he commented. “The Conservative Party is a busted flush.”

He continued, doubling down on his frustration: “All I can think is, ‘Oh my God. We’d be better off choosing someone from my local Tufty Club’.

“And it’s not like the Labour Party is any better,” he wrote before adding that the UK’s economy is now a “mess” after a “tough year”, obviously referring to the global pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war.

Hinting that he wants a general election, Jeremy calls out for “something new”, while adding that he doesn’t believe that Labour or the Conservatives can help.

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