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Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter, Emily Clarkson Makes Statement On Beauty

We all know Jeremy Clarkson can be brash, opinionated, and outspoken. Often times this has gotten him into quite a bit of hot water. It would seem that his daughter Emily Clarkson has inherited not only his uncanny his ability to go viral but also his outspoken nature.

Posting to her Instagram account and it’s forty-three thousand followers, Emily shared a picture of herself both with and completely without makeup in order to prove a point about the “misrepresentation” of people on social media. According to Emily, she did this in order to encourage her followers not to be overly comparative and create unhealthy or unrealistic expectations in comparison to people that they see on social media.


Emily also posted the following note to her followers in addition to her photographs.


For those of you unfamiliar with Emily, aside from being the daughter of the world famous Jeremy Clarkson, she is an active Vlogger and soon to be published, author. Emily also frequently posts to social media about the misrepresentation of celebrities and their photoshopped pictures, making sure to point out the “fakeness” of them, both on her website and her various social media accounts.

It seems that her followers appreciated her outspokenness on the subject, replying favorably to her with comments like “You’re still beautiful” from user mstarr and “‘I think you’re beautiful too. I wear glasses. I like them.” posted by ladynajagirl.


Based on other pictures posted on her social media accounts, Emily clearly (and lets be honest, quite luckily) didn’t inherit her father’s features, which are often described as “ape-like” by his co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May.

It’s not all positive for Emily though as she has been criticized on more than one occasion of being a hypocrite. Emily has mocked celebrities on her website for being shallow and vapid or for showing off their money too much but has posted pictures, like the one above and below, of her enjoying what we can assume is not a cheap vacation, on her father’s superyacht.


Em Clarkson, daughter of Emily Clarkson Image from Em Clarkson open facebook page - for MOS diary

Will Emily at least stay out of trouble in the future, unlike her father, or will she follow in his footsteps to become a controversial public figure as well? Only time will tell, but at least for the moment, she is campaigning for a good reason. Maybe Jeremy should take a note from her.

Source: Daily Mail

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