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Jeremy Clarkson’s Daughter Emily Recalls Worst Moment Of Her Life: “It Scared Me To Death”

On Instagram, Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter, Emily Clarkson, has revealed the “most traumatic experience of her life.” This follows one day after the star revealed the misogynistic remarks and threats she gets on a regular basis from “annoying” internet bullies.

After yesterday’s “traumatic” events, the social media activist asked her followers to share their most mortifying tales with her.

She began her opening remarks with, “When I was younger, it scared me to death to think about the ground swallowing me up…” and proceeded to tell a number of cringe-inducing stories. The first one she showed us began with a photograph of Paddington Station’s stairs.

She wrote:

“I couldn’t walk well in my new COWBOY BOOTS when I was 14 and I tripped and fell down EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE STEPS.

“And everyone collectively gasped as I descended the f**king 30 odd steps and someone tried to catch me.

“And no one did and it was the worst moment of my life.”

Another hilarious misfortune about an ice skating catastrophe at the Natural History Museum’s rink followed.

“I’d been clinging onto the edge the whole time obvs and my friends were like f**king pirouetting all over the place and I was C**P and then they called us off the ice and everyone left but I was slow cos I was C**P,” she wrote.

“And there was the whole line of people waiting to come on AND that balcony full of people watching as well and I said to Alex when we were the last two, ‘I think I got it you know’.

“And I tried to skate to the entrance and I fell over OBVIOUSLY and every single person there went OOOOOOHHH and AHHHH!!

“But then I couldn’t even get back up cos ice is SLIPPY so I had to CRAWL off the ice and that was a terrible day too,” she concluded.

After Emily’s tales had been published, fans began submitting their own mortifying tales, including one who was told by her boyfriend’s mother to stop stalking her on LinkedIn after being alerted to this via a notification.

The deluge of amusing anecdotes was inspired by Emily’s involvement in an internet quarrel when she stated that most violent offenders are male.

“Right yesterday was traumatising so today we are going to lighten the mood,” she wrote.

Emily, who created an online community called The Have A Gos to “add enjoyment to sports events” and “empower women”, is a huge supporter of female motivation, body positivity, and power. Just in her Instagram bio, she’s written: “I really want women to know how powerful they are.”

“Take no sh*t, do no harm.”

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