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Jeremy Clarkson’s New Clarkson’s Farm-Brewed Lager Is The Most Popular On Amazon

With Jeremy Clarkson revealing his own lager from Clarkson’s Farm’s very own Diddly Squat Farm, a mere few days later it’s now the most popular on Amazon Prime. ‘Hawkstone’ has sold incredibly well, despite it not even being available to be delivered yet. But, with Amazon taking pre-orders, it’s no surprise that The Grand Tour presenter’s fans have stepped up.

Jeremy launched the lager to the press and The Sun reported on the day where he served pizza made with the lager itself as The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac played out speakers. Jeremy talked about growing the barley to make the lager, commenting on Kaleb Cooper’s – the farm manager and Jeremy’s guide through the world of farming – input.


“He really was the one who put all the work into growing the barley – we did it together but he obviously knows what he’s doing.”


Kaleb didn’t agree with this, however, admitting that Jeremy wasn’t as good as he thinks he was: “No. I wouldn’t say that,” he said when asked.

On being questioned about the choice of cider, he also told The Sun” “That’s a proper drink.”

The party took place at Cotswold Brewery Co near Cheltenham, where the lager was made. Jeremy teamed up with the brewery to make the drink, but it was transformed into the perfect revenue for such an occasion with a tap room serving the beer on draft and waiters walking around with iced bottles.

Amy Jones, a writer for the Sun, adds that she tried the brew and really liked it, commenting on its “hint of citrus” and how it’s “hoppy enough to remind you that it’s a good brew without being overpowering”.

Richard Keene, the ‘Master Brewer’ of the company, told The Sun that the drink was a “labour of love”.

“It just worked because we were both so passionate about wanting it to be a great beer.

“It takes around six weeks to create – a day to brew, 10 days to ferment and four weeks lagering.”

Even Blur’s very own bassist Alex James turned up to the event and had lots of compliments for the Clarkson’s Farm presenter:

“The success of Clarkson’s Farm has been incredible and I’m so chuffed for him.”

He continued, adding his opinion on the lager, “I’m really impressed by the brew, it’s delicious.”

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