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Jeremy Clarkson’s Surprising Admission On Clarkson’s Farm: “I Thought It Would Serve As Gentle Disappointment”

With another instalment of The Grand Tour on the way in the form of Carnage A Trois, presenter Jeremy Clarkson will be back on screens soon. The motoring journalist-turned-farmer will return with his co-stars James May and Richard Hammond for a look into the world of French cars.

But before the Amazon Prime Video car show returns, Jeremy has discussed his highly praised farming show, Clarkson’s Farm. In an interview, he’s been able to reflect on his experiences, admitting that he expected it to be a “disappointment”.

He was surprised when the show suddenly took off. Quickly after its release to Amazon Prime, it become one of the most highly praised shows to ever be found on the streaming website as fans admitted to loving the realistic take on the farming industry and the challenges surrounding it.

In the series, he worked with local farmers to farm produce on his property in Chadlington. And with the confirmation of a second series, Jeremy commented on what it’s been like:

“It’s been a total crazy ride!

“I wanted to try and make it serious, and it’s completely unscripted.

“I never know what we’re doing in the morning when we start farming. I’m farming today, and the film crew isn’t here.

“They’re coming on Wednesday, and I have no clue what I’m doing on Wednesday, because I don’t know what the weather’s going to be like.

“But, it has been extremely successful and I’m extremely proud of it,” he admitted.

He continued:

“I thought it would serve as a gentle disappointment to The Grand Tour fans, but everyone seems to like it.

“Little kids, grannies. Farmers absolutely love it,” he noted before making it clear that he wanted to make it a realistic, warts and all look into the industry.

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