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This Is What It’s Like To Stand Between Two Launching 10,000HP Top Fuel Dragsters

Our favourite drag racing YouTuber, 1320Video had one request when he was asked to stay and film a weekend of Top Fuel drag racing at Santa Pod Raceway in England. He wanted to stand between the 10,000hp monsters as they were prepped and then launched down the quarter-mile. Fortunately for us, he was allowed to do this and video the experience for our pleasure.

It was a challenge to stand between the roaring machines with the volume almost unbearable and the fumes causing his eyes to copiously water, and the first run resulted in only one of the cars making it own the strip with the other succumbing to a failure.

The next race yields better results, with both dragsters completing the quarter-mile in 4 seconds. As the cars and drivers settle into the fast pace, one reaches a remarkable 3.887 seconds at 311.18mph. That’s the fastest pass 1320Videos has ever filmed. Throughout the video, the cars keep getting faster, and we eventually get a quick chat with the youngest person to go 300mph in the world, Susanne Callin. You also get to witness the fastest side-by-side Top Fuel pass in European history. It’s a real treat to watch.

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