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Jeremy Clarkson’s Top 5 Cars Of 2018

The Grand Tour presenter Jeremy Clarkson has reviewed 28 cars just for the Sunday Times throughout 2018. That’s over two cars a month for the already busy presenter who has had not only The Grand Tour Season 3 to write and film, but Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to film, too.

Despite this, he’s managed to score 14 o them a minimum of 4 stars – not bad for a journalist who’s more than critical. But out of these 14 cars, there are five that have stood out above the rest. Here are Jeremy Clarkson’s Top 5 cars of 2018.

5. Bentley Continental GT

“A brilliant piece of completely over-the-top styling sitting like the icing on a properly made cake,” Clarkson says. In fact, he loves this car so much, he struggles to choose a winner between this and the new Aston Martin DB11. If that’s not a compliment, we don’t know what is. He scored it 4 out of 5 stars.

4. Aston Martin Vantage

“For sheer excitement the Aston is a match for the Porsche 911,” he says. He goes as far to say that the Vantage is better than any other Aston Martin on the market at the moment. There are some very good Astons out there at the moment, so the Vantage must be something really special.

3. Alpina B5

“It really does feel as close to perfect as any car can be,” says Clarkson about the tuned BMW 5 Series which wields a 600bhp V8 engine. As a fan of the BMW 5 Series, he readily admits that this is the best 5 he’s ever driven.

2. Porsche 911 GT2 RS

“The GT2 RS is a properly brilliant sports car. And this from a man who’s never been a Porsche fan.” It must come as quite a surprise that there’s a Porsche on this list, but that just goes to show how good this car truly is.

1. Lamborghini Huracán Performante

“Lamborghini, I like to think, is run by a bunch of 10-year-olds … Sure, it’s owned by the Germans these days [but] you get the sense that, were it not for Audi being all headmasterly, the Huracán would have space lasers on the roof.” This Lamborghini is Clarkson’s car of the year. He wasn’t a fan of the Aventador, but the even further tuned Huracan Performante took the top spot for him.

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