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Ken Block Drifts A Dually F-450 In A Wild Video

Next time you need help moving, why not call Hoonigan Ken Block? The adventurous driver, who’s famous for his wild stunts and infinite burnouts, has a dually Ford F-450, with a trailer too.

In a new video that they uploaded to Youtube, Block and his coworker Zac Mertens, take the 8,000 lb truck to the Utah Motorsport Campus. They arrive at the sparse run of tarmac with the intention of doing some trailer burnies with Hoonigan’s Mk2 Escort.

That plan was cancelled however, after the Escort breaks its driveshafts, before even getting a little smoke going. With no Escort to tow around, the pair have to look for another way to have a good time.

Lucky for them, they have a giant diesel truck, and a whole lot of empty space. Block unhooks the trailer and lets loose on the Ford.

Hoonigan has put together a race truck before, but this may inspire something a little more… beefy. Imagine if they fully overhauled a giant dually into a Monster Energy themed plaything.

If nothing else, the seating position on an F-450 should make every maneuver feel that much riskier. If they could get a working race car out there, then they could still do the trailer burnout, but with the truck also lighting it up?

Would that be cool or silly? Or is there even a difference?

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