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Lisa Hogan Speaks Out On Jeremy Clarkson Relationship

Like the Richard Hammond ice cream comments from a few months ago, there seem to be a few topics that we hate to admit to care about. Part of it is this obsession with celebrity love lives that everyone seems to have, and the other part of it is simply that it’s the off-season. So why not? At least one of the boys is making headlines (other than Hammond bonking his noggin again).

We’ve been following along with Jeremy’s new girlfriend, Lisa Hogan, for a little while now. We’ve had everything from paparazzi photos taken of the two in Barbados to their first public appearance at the Roundhouse Trust auction last Thursday. What we haven’t heard are comments from Ms. Hogan herself.

“I’m very happy,” Hogan says about her relationship with Jeremy to the Sunday Mirror. “He’s really great.” Interestingly enough, the couple seem to have a shared interest in surviving accidents.

In 1996 Ms. Hogan survived a wreck when a private jet she was in crashed onto a dual carriageway near RAF Northolt, West London. After the incident, Hogan, who was at the time filming a small role for the John Cleese film Fierce Creatures, famously said “I’m going to be late for my rehearsals.” When asked about the accident, Ms. Hogan replied:

“It gives me shivers thinking about it. I’ve had one crash but he’s had three. Although I walked out on to a road of traffic. Who does that?”

At the Roadhouse Trust auction on Thursday, Jeremy also had some choice words for the head of the BBC, but I’ll let you read about that here. Either way, Jeremy and Lisa Hogan seem to be very happy together, so I wish them the best!

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