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The Grand Tour: Richard Porter Nominates Worst F1-Teams

Formula One and The Grand Tour? Well, we all know that the hosts of our favourite car show are not very fond of this racing sport. In the past they have consistently come up with comments about what is currently wrong with the F1.

But still, there may be some of you around who are still interested in these high speed car chases.  Anyway, for those of you who want to keep track of this year’s season, we may have some news for you.

A little while ago, Richard Porter – editor for The Grand Tour- published a book on the Formula 1 of 2o17, as reports. Interestingly, within this book he nominates the three worst F1-teams this year. Jalopnik already popularized the relevant excerpts. However, if you want a quick overview, just read on below, but with a grain of salt.

McLaren Honda Formula 1 Team

McLaren has a new boss, Zak Brown, who wants to do everything just the opposite way of his predecessor. Here’s why that’s bad:

  • Just redesigning your car with a new colour doesn’t make your team less crappy
  • McLaren really sucked last year. But it seems that the team has just created a new work environment and not actually done anything on the car itself – except the colour-change…
  • They replaced Jenson Button by “something called Stoffel Vandoorne”, who Porter calls a “type of massive cartoon cat”

Haas F1 Team

Despite going on a Ferrari-engine, we probably shouldn’t expect too much from Haas’ second F1-season. Although they managed to achieve a succès d’estime last year, they will be having a hard time:

  • Their car does look pretty bad – but what are looks worth anyway, right?
  • While Romain Grosjean is a pretty decent driver, his companion Kevin Magnussen is more of a mousy person

Renault Sport Formula One Team

As we all know from on the best episodes on Top Gear, french cars are bad news. Not surprisingly, this holds true for this year’s F1-lineup presented by Renault:

  • Their overalls reveal a lack of taste
  • Jolyon Palmer isn’t any good as a driver
  • His teammate Kevin Magnussen is dependable, but offers a boring driving style

Sauber F1 Team

Just like Haas, the Sauber team uses a Ferrari engine. This year they want to get back on track as one of the F1 teams that claim their place midfield. But it won’t be easy for them to succeed with this task:

  • Determined to become better than the years before they adopted a new car design. What is it with looks this season?
  • While their driver Pascal Wehrlein still may have some potential left, Sauber’s other operator Marcus Ericsson has no use beside his good looks

What do you think about this year’s Formula 1? Do you have a favourite team yourself? Let us know in the comment section down below.


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  1. So Kevin Magnussen is driving for both Renault and Haas? That should make things interesting during race weekends…

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