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Mindy Hammond Describes The Extent Of Richard’s Injuries

Mindy Hammond’s column on Sunday began with a lovely look at the summer they seem to be enjoying, with some happy memories of summer as a child. It was a beautiful look back at more innocent times and a childhood long gone, but there was a segment that gave us a better look into how bad Richard’s injuries actually were.

After suffering a crash at a Swiss hillclimb event last month while filming a segment for the second season of The Grand Tour, Richard was later seen out and about on a set of crutches and a modded wheelchair. He was even seen returning to work soon after.

Immediately after coming home from the hospital, however, shows a different side to the happy go lucky Richard we were shown following the accident. Mindy discusses how difficult things were for poor Richard:

“It was all great entertainment for poor Richard, whose lack of mobility can be so frustrating. Setting him up with everything to hand wherever he goes has been fine-tuned, but it’s almost impossible to think hours ahead and has made us all consider the plight of all those for whom disability isn’t a temporary situation. So many menial little chores, even the simplest of things like getting dressed or having a shower, were impossible for him at first. Supporting himself on crutches meant he had no spare hand. He couldn’t do anything more than sit down and be waited on, and the utter reliance on everyone around him proved very frustrating. Yet whenever we meet those who have suffered serious injuries or have been born with a disability, their positivity and determination to live life to the full never ceases to amaze us. Bravery comes in many guises and my admiration for the 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK has never been greater. Let’s hope for the longest, sunniest summer to brighten all our days. “

It’s often hard to forget the mental toll that a serious injury can take on an individual, and from personal experience, I can relate to how frustrating it is to not be able to do the simplest tasks by yourself. It took a broken back for me to realize that I had been takings things like going to the bathroom by myself for granted.

Richard seems to be doing much better, and we wish him the speediest of recoveries!

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