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Paris Hilton Does a Paris Hilton Thing As She Films Celebrity Face-Off For The Grand Tour

The Celebrity Face-Off segment in the current season of The Grand Tour is off to a much better start than last season’s Celebrity Brain Crash. For starters, none of the celebrities so far have died (that we know of). Also, it’s genuinely entertaining to see them tackle the new half tarmac, half gravel track.

The filming for Celebrity Face-Off is continuing along its merry way as two more celebs were spotted taping the segment: Paris Hilton and PGA pro Rory McIlroy. Not really sure what the theme is for that week, but I’m sure we will all find out soon.

It seems as if Paris was up to her normal diva ways as she reportedly refused to wear a racing helmet, fearing it would ruin her newly styled hair. SOmeone should point out that her hair would look a lot worse if her head was destroyed in a crash.

Apparently that all got sorted out, and Paris ended up covered up in mud during her lap.

McIlroy also ended up muddy after his lap and looked in high spirits as he completed his run. The Irish pro will be looking to complete a career Grand Slam at Augusta this upcoming April after what ended up being an injury-filled 2017 season.

Both Paris Hilton and Rory McIlroy are scheduled to be the celebrity guests in the season finale of The Grand Tour.


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