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Peter Wright Reacts To Jeremy Clarkson’s Criticism On ‘Clarkson’s Farm’

Peter Wright of the popular Channel 5 documentary The Yorkshire Vet, has reacted to Clarkson’s Farm presenter Jeremy Clarkson after he threw criticism at Yorkshire-based farming shows on his new Amazon Prime Video series.

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Peter has been presenting this documentary for 6 years now, and this success has grown into a number of other Yorkshire-based programmes for Channel 5. He talked to about why he thought these episodes were gaining so much success, while also talking about Clarkson’s Farm and how he feels about it and its presenter.

He revealed that he found Jeremy’s remarks humorous after hearing them, saying:

“Jeremy Clarkson made a comment about channel 5 and Yorkshire,” Peter said. “’What is this love relationship all about?’

“The Yorkshire Vet he mentioned, Our Yorkshire Farm, and he reeled off all these Yorkshire programmes and he said, ‘they’re making programmes about Peter Wright’s life, what’s all this about?’

“The thing is, Yorkshire has so much to offer. I’m biased, I’m really biased, but Yorkshire has everything.”

Peter did however follow on with how much he actually appreciates the ex-Top Gear presenter:

“I like Jeremy Clarkson because he’s very forthright in his views,” Peter continued. “There’s no grey areas where he is concerned.

“I think in this day and age of political correctness, I think it’s [Clarkson’s Farm] quite refreshing, and I do like his program because it shows it warts and all.

“And it didn’t just show somebody, wandering around the countryside doing farming business.”

“Farming is a very difficult and poorly paid job,” he continued. “And farmers do it for the love of the job, not for the money.”

The interview continues with him explaining why he thinks his farming show is so popular:

“I think it’s successful for several reasons, but I think primarily, with this horrible lockdown that we’ve been through I think people want to get back to more towards nature, the natural world.

“I think that’s given them that comfort. There’s a really close link between animals and people’s well-being and health.

And I think people get an awful lot of pleasure from animals.”

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Jeremy Clarkson’s new Amazon show has seen incredibly high praise from fans and non-fans alike, with it shedding light on the reality behind farming and peeling back the romantic ideas we have of the career. Now, viewers are more passionate about farming than ever, and this new-found love has been spread to other similar programmes like Our Yorkshire Farm

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